Frequently Asked Questions:

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Most people can use mediation. Couples in high conflict or on-going disputes can do well in mediation and in fact will have the most to benefit by coming to a resolution. Even if you have already entered the legal system you can often still choose to use mediation instead of, or along with the legal process.

The length of time to come to an agreement will of course depend on how simplified or complicated your personal situation is. In most situations we will meet every few weeks until your agreement is complete. Most couples can reach an agreement within 2-4 months. Usually the timing depends on your own schedules, willingness to meet, and preparedness to discuss the necessary issues.

You should consult a lawyer if you want legal advice. You will receive lots of legal information throughout the mediation process, but a lawyer will advise you on what is specifically in your best legal interest. Some people choose to also involve a lawyer throughout the process and bring that information to mediation. Others choose to have a lawyer to review their agreement (this is called ILA, independent legal advice) when it's complete. There are some that feel comfortable without legal advice.

In marriage counselling the counselor will typically listen to both sides of the story and then tell you what they think and what you should do. Counselling often involves looking at psychological issues of family of origin or mental health.

A mediator will meet with each of you individually first in a desire to fully understand your different perspectives. In joint sessions the mediator works to make sure you are each communicating your issues and listening to your partner. The mediator helps you to find the common ground between you and facilitate a plan to move forward. In marital mediation you and your partner will agree to this plan together and identify action steps you're each willing to take to achieve it.

Yes. We are trained to work with even the most high-conflict couples. Conflict doesn't scare us. Mediation is the best way to resolve your conflict so that you can move forward.

The average total cost for services needed to reach an agreement is between $3,500-4,500. This is a total amount for both parties, and not per person. This also includes reasonable communication in between sessions for questions or concerns. I do not bill by the minute for this communication.

Cost is dependent upon the issues discussed and the level of conflict. For example, spouses with no children or complicated property matters may complete mediation in much less time and cost may be much less than above.

You can contact me to arrange a no-charge consultation call where you can explain your situation and I can give an accurate idea of the cost.