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Split. The After Ever After Podcast co-hosted by Family Law Mediator Jennifer Sanders and Divorce Coach Ashley Mackinnon. Featuring guests, Q&A, tips, and updated info on all things separation, divorce, conflict resolution and co-parenting. 

EP 16: The Emotional Stages of the Divorce Process: What to Expect & How to Cope with Author, Speaker & Coach Lynette Triere

EP 15: Dating After Divorce with Matchmaker and Dating Coach Jade Bianca

EP 14: Is My Ex a Narcissist? Signs & Behaviours of A Narcissist with Matthew Phifer

Ep 13: First Right of Refusal

EP 12: How To Prepare Your Children for Divorce with author Kimberly King

EP 11: A Father’s Perspective on Divorce & Co-Parenting with “Good Dad Movement”

EP 10: Overcoming The Battle for Custody & Creating A Parenting Plan That Actually Works

EP 9: Introducing New Partners with Tamar Burris Author of “A New Special Friend”

EP 8: How to Communicate Without Conflict with Communication Strategist Akilah Sai

EP 7: Common Co-Parenting Mistakes

EP 6: Listener Q&A

EP 5: Co-Parenting Through Covid-19

EP 4: Listening and Being Heard: Why Active Listening is the Key to Effective Communication

‎EP3. Co-Parenting Through Christmas

EP 2: Co-ordinating a Healthy Diet For Your Children (without fighting every step of the way!)

EP 1: Co-Parenting Without Conflict

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