There are different types of family mediation:

Family Law Mediation

A service used by former couples who would like to create an agreement about their separation. This will typically address how property and assets will be divided, possible support for children and spouses, and a plan for parenting.

Parenting Plan Mediation

The needs of parents and children are always changing. Sometimes the agreement you created years ago doesn’t fit your needs anymore, or you may feel that it isn’t being followed. This results in years of unnecessary tension and conflict that can often be resolved. It is possible to mediate only the parenting section of your agreement; editing it work best for everyone.

Marital Mediation

Used by couples who are having difficulty in their marriage, but desire to see if they can work it out. Using mediation techniques, couples learn to listen to each other, and express their concerns effectively. In marital mediation you and your partner will learn to work together to solve differences and make a concrete plan of how you can move forward.