Advantages to Online Mediation

When I was forced to move my practice on-line due to Covid I wasn’t sure how the experience would go. But, I quickly realized many advantages to doing virtual mediation, rather than in person. I asked my clients for feedback on their experiences and it was all resoundingly positive. Thinking about virtual mediation? Here are some reasons why mediation online works so well:

  • Participate in the comfort of your own space. Even if things are amicable with your ex mediation can be stressful. It helps to be able to be in your own private space and not have to interact with your former partner directly.
  • Access from anywhere in the province. I’m pleased to be able to work with clients anywhere in Ontario. You won’t have to travel long distances or settle for a mediator in your area who may not be ideal for your needs.
  • View financial documents and calculations easily. Part of mediation is sharing financial documents between the parties. This is very easy to do with Zoom. I can share the scans, look at calculations, make annotations and visit websites right on the screen for all to see.
  • Schedule appointments closer together and complete mediation more quickly. With zero travel time, evening booking options, and the ability to joint the meeting from anywhere, there is much more flexibility to be able to book sessions closer together and move through the process quickly if that is desired.

What started out as a stop-gap measure has now become the way that I run my business. I have clients that live in the same town and still prefer to meet virtually because of all of the advantages above.

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