Can you be a Generous Co-Parent this Christmas?

Co-parenting at ChristmasFor many of us the holidays are the time of year when we’re most generous with our time and money. We buy presents, gift cards, and bottles of wine for friends, family, and even acquaintances like the school bus driver. We often donate to local charities, and we spend a lot more time with loved ones. 

Could you also be more generous with your co-parent? What would that look like? How might that positively change the family dynamic for you and your children over the holidays and into a new year?  

Here are some ideas — would they work for you? 

  • Be more flexible with time arrangements with the children 
  • Take the kids shopping to buy a present for their parent 
  • Send a Christmas card or fun e-card to say thanks for all they do for your children 
  • Offer gift ideas for the children, or go in together on a larger gift from both of you 
  • Support them taking the kids to activities over the holidays. Could you find the skates you know your youngest needs? Can you lend the toboggan that’s in your garage?  
  • Be more understanding when plans change last minute because of bad weather, or that family dinner that goes later than expected 

Offering these small generosities to your co-parent can go a long way. You’re setting a great example of respect and generosity for your children, and it sets the tone for more peaceful and generous communication moving forward. 

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