Can You Change Your Parenting Plan because of COVID-19?

As we all try to adjust and figure out life with COVID-19 there are added complications for co-parents. Closed schools, cancelled activities, and self-isolation means a complete change in routine, scrambling for child-care, and added expenses. There may be added costs incurred from buying a 2 week supply of food or medicine, or to pay for emergency child-care. There may be concerns regarding safety if one parent isn’t self-isolating or has a job that exposes them to the public. There are lots of questions that need timely answers.

Can we change the parenting schedule now that there’s no school or activities?

Can I keep my child home with me if their other parent isn’t self-isolating but I am?

Can I ask for more child-support if I’m the one having to stay home to provide child-care?

I don’t agree with how my ex is parenting while the kids are home from school – what can I do?

What if I can’t pay child-support because I’ve suddenly lost my job or my small business is suffering?

If the current parenting plan isn’t working and you and your ex agree to enter mediation then you can makes changes the parenting plan to accommodate the unusual situation we’re all in with COVID-19. You can stipulate that the changes you make are temporary, and will be in existence only throughout this pandemic. (Please note: In some situations an existing court action or court order will preclude changes.)

In mediation you and your ex can discuss your specific situation and negotiate a plan that works for you and your children.The agreements you come to are put in writing as an addition to your existing agreement. You can both use this as your plan moving forward through this time of self-isolation and social distancing. This can be as specific as you need, and can address scenarios that may still yet arise as restrictions around COVID-19 are always changing.

Due to the urgent nature of these matters I am offering very flexible, virtual appointments. Most cases of this nature can be resolved within a matter of days. If you’re wondering if this may work for you please contact me for a no-charge consultation. During this time all services are offered virtually, through on-line meetings, phone calls, and emailed documents.

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