Mediation On-line

**During isolation due to COVID-19 virtual mediation services are a must. But at any time clients may prefer to do mediation on-line rather than in person.**

All mediation services I provide are available virtually! Here’s how:

  • Initial consultation calls are done by phone. I always offer these for no-charge and they last about 30 minutes. Potential clients can feel free to explain their specific situation and ask me any questions they might have. I can answer questions, offer some legal information if appropriate, and explain the mediation process and how it works.
  • Joint mediation sessions are conducted via video-conferencing. Each person can join the video call (I use the Zoom environment) from the comfort of their own environment. For high-conflict situations this is often much preferable to having to meet in person. To make everyone feel comfortable, all parties will agree to have only themselves (or other previously agreed upon individuals) viewing the call.
  • All documents are emailed. Financial documents can be scanned and emailed as they’re collected. I compile these for you in a file that will be sent back to both parties at the end of the process. Sometimes there are progress notes in between sessions that give you “homework” to complete before your next meeting. These are all emailed within 48 hours of your session. Your final mediation report is emailed to you in multiple formats.

On-line mediation works extremely well and for some people it’s actually preferable to meeting in person. I’m always happy to answer any questions about how this process could work for you. You can also see the FAQ page.

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