Not a very “Merry” Christmas


Is Christmas feeling “merry” to you this year?

We’re staring down the barrel of another lockdown here in Ontario. Christmas dinners, parties, and social gatherings of any kind are all cancelled. It’s feeling harder to find the joy this season. But, I think that means it’s all the more necessary. Let’s find the joy, seek it out, and cling to it to get us through these tough times.

My joy right now is in pulling out old family recipes and having the time to make them with my girls.

My joy is in buying a gift for a dear friend and savouring the child-like excitement I’m feeling because I just cannot wait to give it.

My joy is in helping clients peacefully navigate their first Christmas as a separated couple. It’s brought happy tears to my eyes more than once.

What’s bringing you joy right now? 

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