Online Mediation in Ontario

Online mediation for clients anywhere in Ontario. Like all small businesses I have had to pivot to adapt to the restrictions that have come with Covid-19. In the spring I quickly moved my practice to deliver mediation online. I do miss seeing my clients in person, but on-line mediation has proved to have many advantages. My clients report that they feel much more comfortable and less stressed being able to meet from their own space.

Online mediation has allowed me to schedule more clients, and offer evening and weekend appointments. Virtual mediation is also a very convenient way to share documents together and look at calculations that previously had to be projected onto a screen in the office, or printed out. 

I’m pleased to have clients refer friends and family to me that live anywhere in Ontario. Now I’ve had the privilege of mediating for clients all across Ontario that I would never be able to service in the bricks and mortar office.

Virtual mediation services are just a click away! I’d love to connect with you about how I can help. I always offer no-charge, consultation calls to discuss your situation. Read more about virtual mediation here.

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