What Are Your Goals?

I see my clients in some of the worst times of their lives. They rarely have any clarity and are in caught in a mixture of strong emotion. Even those that initiated the separation are rarely in a good frame of mind. There is so much to think about and process. One of my jobs is to help you through this process with as much peace as possible, and to help you gain some clarity so that you can make informed choices. A question that always seems to bring things into focus is:

“What are your goals?”

I urge clients to pull their heads out of the raw emotion of the day and look into the future – even just a little. Where do you want to be 6 months from now? What do you want life to look like in a year? What do you want your relationship with your kids to be like? What are your hopes for your family moving forward?

Forcing yourself to think about your own personal priorities and goals can pull you out of the pain of the moment. When people take even a minute to vocalize a small goal to me I see a glimpse of empowerment. I see a glimmer of some resolve and hope. Setting some goals for yourself is one of the best ways that I know of to start looking forward instead of back.

What are your goals?

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